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Viagra ® Compared to Generic Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Viagra® vs. Generic Viagra
There is not much of a difference in the generic or brand name drug Viagra. Generic Viagra compared to Viagra® offers the same safety, strength, effectiveness. The essential differences between the two erectile dysfunction medications are their prices and appearance.

Viagra® vs. Generic Caverta
Pfizer pharmaceutical named sildenafil citrate, Viagra®. While Caverta is the generic name for sildenafil citrate, both of the impotence drugs contain the same active ingredients. They are equivocal in their performance. The savings between the drugs are amazing.

Viagra® vs. Veega
Manufactured in India, Veega contains the same active ingredients as Viagra®. Both Viagra® and Veega are produced in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization. The main difference between the brand name and generic, Veega is the price.

Viagra® vs. Meltabs
For 10-15 quick minutes of activity, Meltabs outperform Viagra®. The effects of Viagra ® kick in at around 30 minutes. Because Meltabs are dissolved in the mouth, the drug enters the blood stream much faster. Statistics show that it can take between 60 to 90 minutes for a pill to dissolve and become active in the blood stream. Meltabs offer more spontaneity allowing for a better sex life.

Viagra ® Vs. Silendafil Citrate
The only difference between Viagra® and sildenafil citrate is the price. The active ingredients, safety, performance and strength are identical. The side effects of the brand name and its generic drug are similar.

Viagra ® Vs. Uprima
For immediate results, Uprima Generic Soft Tabs are oral lozenges containing quick dissolving compounds. Although Viagra ® pill works within an hour, Uprima clocks in at 20 minutes, flat.